February, 2021February 17, 2021

Advertisements My Favorite Diapers and Baby Wipes are the Little Movers Huggies and Parents Choice Wipes. They have an extra velcro type material that makes the diaper stick to the…

February, 2021March 21, 2021

Advertisements Our Favorite Energy Drink! Fruit Punch is the only one we will drink! I swear they put something in this drink. My boyfriend and I have gotten so many…

February, 2021February 15, 2021

Advertisements What Candle Type Speaks To You? There are so many to pick from now days! And if you want to pick from a variety you need to buy online…

February, 2021February 14, 2021

Advertisements Valentines Day Deals, Deals on devices with Alexa. Get them fast before the deals end. I already own the Echo Show 5 and the Echo Show – 1st Generation…

February, 2021February 17, 2021

Advertisements Echo Show – 1st Generation White Echo Show – 1st Generation White We have this in black, We use it to drop in on our kiddos. Its perfect you…

February, 2021February 19, 2021

Advertisements Get the Perfect Makeup Line Stencils cat eye lines or eyebrow shapes with these awesome tools! No! I have not tried them, but i will be! I really think…

February, 2021February 13, 2021

Advertisements 6 types of Manicures with many products to pick from. All of these can be done at home. Any lady would be happy to get any of these as…

February, 2021February 16, 2021

Advertisements Here are Some Business Supplies For Success. I know there’s more! The only thing that I wish I could put on here for everyone is a stack of money!…

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